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Not So Boring Tips For Logo Designers!

By admin | October 17, 2018

tips for logo designers

Oh, did you face turn red with rage when one of your fellows said, “This time you didn’t make an impressive logo”?

If it is so, what does it make you? Sorry, but not sorry; you are a bigot.

Showing intolerance to someone else’s opinion is equal to being ignorant of the best piece of advice.

Crafting a brand identity is not a piece of cake. You can’t say that every time you win, every time you make a perfect logo. Just like waves, we have highs and lows in our life, and that badly or goodly affects, whatever we do.

Stay calm human. Don’t turn your passion into anger because that is the point where you welcome the self-destruction.

There always would be somebody better than you, and it is wholly fine. You just need to accept it and get going. Giving your best shot should be there in every cell of your brain. We merely won’t comment on the importance of the logo as it is something you already know.

The purchase decision of a consumer depends on the logo as well. Before your customers have a look at your services, they look at your logo and judge your brand. Some tiny-tots can’t tie their shoelaces, but they know which logo belongs to which company.

Those who want to embrace their logo design journey should sit here and read what we are going to explain in the next paragraphs. Your perseverance towards doing big things will get you to the point where people will name you as an expert.

Let’s have a look at the tips for logo designers now.

  1. Don’t bore the customers; stay unique

Today’s world is filled with logos that failed to make their mark. Establishing the brand voice is a crucial task, and an enchanting logo can achieve it. Your logo buys a distinctive place in the market for you. It is something that differentiates you from your competitor which is why it should be unique yet simple.

Unique design doesn’t stand for designing something that looks way too cheeky or way too dull. Think out-of-the-box as your logo is your first and last attempt to show that you are going to be the next icon of the industry.

  1. Study the brand

Oh, too dull; isn’t it?

After all, after so many years of education, you are compelled to study more?

Nah, that’s not what we meant. We are saying that you have to pretend as if you belong to the forensic department and investigating a case. Become a detective and find information about the brand. Having a good grip on it will help you in thinking like a customer of that very brand.

When you think of a brand from a particular angle, start creating its mood board. The mood board is of help as it keeps reminding you of what a brand looks like.

Take the inspiration from the refined designers of the industry, but don’t imitate them. Think of the emotions you want to evoke in people, right after seeing the logo. Now create symbols or think of the colors that aid you in the same.

  1. Let the colors do the magic

The mood board of a brand will let you see it from each and every perspective. You can go with the bright colors, you can go with the light colors, yet it depends on the message you want to convey and the emotions you want to arouse.

Colors have a great impact on a human’s mind. They can bring harmony to your message or can do the adverse of it. That is why be very picky while choosing a specific color.

Some of the meanings of color you can see here; while for a complete understanding refer to the emotional wheel of colors.

  • The red color is associated with something energetic, bold, action and sexy.
  • Orange is related to enthusiasm, friendly, creative, charming
  • The green color is nature’s favorite color and dominates all over the world. It represents new beginning, purity, growth, and
  • Blue color represents trustworthiness, professionalism and sometimes sadness (depends on the tone).

The bottom line

The final piece of advice for you would be, “be consistent.” Your consistency will help you in seeing the road. Unless you are in your best mood, you can’t create something delightful that is pleasing to the eyes of millions. The tips may look something you already know, but little do you know; most of us don’t pay attention to these tips.

Sometimes, the little things create a significant impact. Play safe and ace the journey.

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