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Hold Your Breathe And Read Out Spooktacular Branding Ideas

By admin | October 18, 2018

5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

Welcome, Halloween 2k18!

OMG! Only a few days are left, Halloween is there knocking on your door.

Wake up now; before it’s too late! These big giants will eat your market share and online presence.

You have time to plan for “jingle bells,” but you don’t have plenty of time to prepare for Halloween’s marketing.

Relax, it’s not too late. You can make your plans and create a kickass marketing strategy for Halloween.

We’ll guide you how:

1. Stir your logo in the heart of Halloween

Add the flavor of Halloween to your logo. Make it a bit spooky, oh, don’t think that we are asking you to add cringe-worthy elements to your logo. Be a bit playful and add the layer of the festive season to your logo.

You can add some colors of Halloween, or can introduce some symbols to your logo like, pumpkin, haunted house, etc.

Do a favor to your marketing strategy, and mold your logo in the colors of Halloween. It’s not bad to transform your logo into a special Halloween logo. Don’t harm the essential design elements. Play smartly and give it a feel of Halloween.

Ever seen Mr. Google? It’s sheer crazy of us to ask you that. Of course, we look up to Mr. Google to find out our answers.

Other than finding the answers, look at its Logo. Before the festival knocks on the door, Google changes its logo.

If Mr. Google can do it, why can’t you make your own Halloween logo? And, if you aren’t able to do it on your own, let us do the job for you. We can provide you with an attractive halloween logo design in just minutes!

2. Have an online store? Open your ears and listen to our advice

Let the magic of Halloween appear on your website. If you own an ecommerce store, it is a must to spread the colors of Halloween. There are lots of Halloween designs available, but we think that you don’t want to be a copycat, do you? Activate your brain cells and keep the ideas coming.

Let’s give you a hint here; use strange fonts, have animated features on your websites, even a spooky pop-up would do. Let your shoppers know that your store is high on Halloween!

Wait! Where are you going? You don’t own an ecommerce store, and now you think that this advice is of no use? Well, the Halloween spirit should be there on your website, even if you don’t own an ecommerce store.

Merely saying “Happy Halloween” won’t do, make the Halloween art visible on the screen.

3. A surprise in your customers’ inbox

Freebie lover spotted! Come on! Don’t get embarrassed. We all love freebies, so, hi-five!

Make exciting newsletters with the coupon codes, exclusively for your customers. Offer them exciting discounts wrapped in a spooky newsletter. You can revive the vintage Halloween art and can engraft your message in it. Don’t go for mainstream Halloween designs, do something spooky and make an exciting email newsletter design.

We want to unveil a secret here; Special discounts wrapped in a special newsletter never fail to do wonders. Try it!

4. Host a contest and give them Halloween goodies

A hulk of opportunities are there; it is merely a couple of weeks while they last. Don’t sleep through this moment. Make it happen. Engage your customers by hosting a Halloween contest on Facebook. You can ask them to share their Halloween photos for a gift in return.

Make exciting merchandise for Halloween. Take inspiration from the vintage Halloween art. People would love to share pictures to get their hands on those exclusive merchandise from your company.

P.S: It’s a clear message for sharp brains, “the more exciting your merchandise is, the more people would be interested in your competition.” After all, it is all about Halloween art, and how many of you do justice to it.

5. Halloween hashtag designs

Halloween hashtag designs

#Halloween #Shoutout #2018

More than the hash browns we love hashtags. Humans’ survival is next to impossible without a tornado of hashtags. Not only people love to put lots of hashtags in their social media posts, but love to wear them as well. You can print these exciting hashtags on mugs, pens, and T-shirts (don’t forget to put your logo or name). Send them to your customers; they would be so happy to receive the freebies.

This way, not only will you maintain the charm of the festival but would engage the subconscious of many. Didn’t understand? Well, golden words are deep, you need to dive in to find more.

6. Halloween cards

Halloween cards

The world is going paperless, but some things have their charm. Only of those things are the cards. Get some exciting Halloween cards and send them to your customers. If you are hosting a Halloween party, print the Halloween party logo on it. Send the invitations and revive the flavor of this spooky yet exciting event.

7. We all have a story to tell, what’s yours?

Halloween story

Sharing facts related to Halloween and making a themed social media campaign is too mainstream. Engage them with a scary story related to Halloween. You can break the story into pieces and can post them one by one. Keep one thing in mind; your visuals should be impressive enough.

Let’s tell you a top-secret here; we all are built-in curious (not talking about sloth lovers), knowing that somebody has something special to tell, our bubbles of curiosity start waking up. Pick the weak point and play with it. Knowing that you have something exciting in the bucket, your customers will keep an eye on your website, time and again.

The bottom line

Such top-drawer ideas are in your bucket now. Making the most of it is solely your call. Merely, holding a Halloween party, printing the Halloween party logo on the invitation cards won’t imprint your name in your customers’ mind. Do something exciting, something weird yet fun. Well, weird is good when you want to show that spooky side, isn’t it?

Before the big giants start getting the attention of your customers, create your gravitational force that doesn’t let them go away. Try the punch of 7 ideas that we shared; we are sure your sales graph will talk to the sky during the whole festival.

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