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Little Things Mean Everything – 6 Ways To Kickstart Your Design Journey

By admin | October 10, 2018

Little things mean everything - 6 ways to kickstart your design journey

What fantastic cooking skills you have!

Have you ever received this compliment? Or have you seen somebody receiving it?

We know that your answer is “Yes.” You never thought it once that if one ingredient were missing, the taste of the dish wouldn’t be so tantalizing.

We are trying to make you understand that we focus more on the big things rather than thinking of the little things that are a hidden reason behind every successful attempt.

Practicing is a good thing, but before that, you need to work on the key areas. To give a kickstart to your design journey; we have compiled the tips to provide a kickstart to your design journey.

  1. Research is the golden key

It is not necessary to be way too literal. If you go off the way and understand about the brand’s message, you can create a logo that conveys the brand’s message in the best way.

Prettiness & logo can’t gel well. There is nothing like a pretty logo; it is about how meaningful it is. If your logo is not an accurate reflection of your brand’s core message, then it can’t stand out in the market.

Sketching looks amusing, isn’t it? Before sketching anything, you should know what you are sketching. Your research should be pretty strong only then you can make an enchanting logo.

See it this way; when it is your job interview, and you want to win it; what do you do? Your research about the company and its products. Before moving ahead, you analyze their website and try to know about the company from different sources.

Similarly, when you think of making a logo, you try to extract as much information as you can. Client brief isn’t enough; your research game joins the cords for you.

  1. Ask both; sane and insane question

When a client asks you to make a logo considering you a trusted logo design company, open the box of questions. Firstly, understand about its company and then swim in the ocean of information by asking questions about the brand’s target audience, company’s competitors, the long and short-term goals of the company and the upcoming plans.

You can ask them how they want their logo to look like. What message the company wants to deliver. For instance: If the company’s target audience is of age 20-30, you surely don’t want to bore the audience by a typical or very corporate logo, do you? Similarly, if the target audience is in the age bracket of 35-45, you don’t want to upset them with a very funky logo, do you?

Let’s tell you the best part now. Just for the sake of knowing what runs through the contours of their minds, ask, “You need a logo, but why do you need it.” The question will strike their nerve cells, and you will get the enlightening answers.

  1. Think of the mobile in the first place

You design the logo on your system, but we are asking you to pay attention to your cell phone. Check your Instagram and see how big brands have transformed over the years. Big brands have converted their complex and not so appealing logos into the flattened ones.

A too complicated or cluttered logo fails to make its distinctive place. In 2018, minimal design works. Take help of the books that explain the concept of minimalism.

To rock the boat, concentrate more on how a logo would look on the cell phone. Mainly talking about the future of logo design, the signs tell us that people will favor simplified version.

  1. Don’t dance in your comfort zone

Fonts play a vital role in enhancing your logo. Instead of relying on the default fonts, search for the impressive fonts. There are lots of fantastic websites that have made it all available to you; you just need to get it.

Lots of unusual fonts are not available for free download. You have to buy those fonts, but we reckon; anything that enhances your logo is worth spending money on.

  1. Check out the galleries of the masters

Uncountable logo galleries are there on the web. Check out those galleries and take inspiration from the pro designers.

Check the journey of those whose logos stood like a mountain against the test of time. Creating a timeless logo is no way easy, yet it isn’t impossible. Who knows, maybe you become a maker of a timeless logo?

  1. Human psyche

One thing you shouldn’t miss here is the human psychology. Great logos play with human minds because the makers of those logos understand about human psychology pretty well.

Interact with people and understand their psychology. Going off the curve requires courage and determination, but if you are willing to do it with all of your heart; nothing is complicated.

The bottom line

The journey isn’t easy, but there is no charm in choosing the easy path. When you are on the path of exploring the logo design, do count little things because sometimes, little things are everything. The six ways we told you will light your path and will help you in creating things you didn’t expect could come from you.

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