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We Fancy Hallotober Logos; Do You?

By admin | October 24, 2018

Halloween campaign ideas

Yeah, our cells are high on HALLOWEEN!

No matter if you are a smarty-pants or a scaredy-cat all over the year; this spookiest event will wake up the kid inside you craving for candies and getting creative with the dress-up games.

Since the spookiest event is filling our blood with the craziest creativity, we thought of being a bit playful with the logos. Who knows, you get some spooky Halloween campaign ideas or sales ideas after seeing them?

Ever thought, if big brands were to make Halloween’s logo, how would their logos look like? That’s right! We never thought of it. But this time, our brain cells are playing drums of creativity inside our heads.

Disclaimer: It is just for fun. We intend to show the outcome of our creative DNA. It’s merely a fun approach. So, have some crackers and enjoy.

Hustle bustle! Let’s unveil the spooky side of the famous logos. Maybe, you all get inspiration for your Halloween advertising campaigns

Halloween advertising campaign

Hello Freelancer! Bird to bat. Oh, we just noticed that both start with the letter “B.” The bat we inserted, gave it a spooky touch. Be it a bat or a bird, “Freelancer” always rocks!

Taco Bell! Yummilicous or spookylicious? Taco Bell doesn’t need any introduction. After all, there is not a single person on the planet America, oh, we meant to say *on the planet Earth* who doesn’t know about it. They have the best range of value meals that satisfy our cravings for carbohydrates and savory items.

In the name of the haunted “Apple” that is ready to eat giant conglomerates! Jokes apart, we love you APPLE. Doubtlessly, you have spellbound many with the jaw-dropping features, and will keep the awesomeness coming.

If we were to make its logo, we would have made something like this. Doesn’t it look scary? Well, it is not bad to get into the spirit of Halloween.

Amazon got amazing thorns! We converted the happy smile of Amazon into the scariest smile ever. The devilish touch isn’t bad for the sake of doing justice to the spookiest event of the year.

Crunchiest or scariest? You decide! Oh poor millennials, Uncle Pringles isn’t so happy with you. Do you dare to eat Pringles now?

Gone are those days when Pepsi used to disguise itself as Coca-Cola or should we say “Cola-Coca” (as shown in the previous ad). We wanted to entice its logo with the flavor of blood.

Halloween trends 2018 are flowing in our blood, we thought of adding a few drops to Pepsi’s logo.

Oh, such a wild imagination we have; agreed?

We are an evil force; don’t you agree “Levi’s?”

Giggles! On a lighter note, there is no harm in having some fun with the logo during the spookiest event of 2K18.

The bottom line

How was our creativity? You liked it, right? There are lots of Halloween advertising ideas floating in the air. Make a sticky web and imprison them all in your brain.

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